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Les Compagnons du Miel joins the France Pavilion as a Thematic Sponsor for the Biodiversity Fortnight

In Dubai, Les Compagnons du Miel will showcase the beekeeping sector’s vital importance for regional biodiversity, working via a cooperative model unlike any other in France.

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Energy Observer will be present at the Dubai World Expo

Energy Observer will be present at the Dubai World Expo during the France Pavilion’s Oceans Thematic Fortnight.

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Duvivier Canapés becomes Associate sponsor of the France Pavilion

Duvivier Canapés will be supplying the furniture to the Espace George Sand in the Belvédère of the France Pavilion, a prestigious event space.

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The French Business Group Abu Dhabi becomes an Institutional partner of the France Pavilion

This partnership will allow for greater mobilisation of French companies in the region, and will showcase their business initiatives at the France Pavilion in Dubai.

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Les Maisons du Voyage become Associate Sponsor of the France Pavilion

Through the partnership with the France Pavilion at Expo 2020, Les Maisons du Voyage have put together a full program: tailor-made trips, guided tours, group trips or stopovers. The possibilities there are to enjoy this global event are almost endless. There are also plenty of wonderful opportunities to explore the rest of the region.

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France supports the decision to postpone World Expo Dubai to next year

France Pavilion reinvents itself tackling today’s challenges and is looking forward to welcoming visitors in 2021.

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Press Kit 2019 (English)

Embody a bold, ambitious and innovative vision of connected and sustainable cities and territories.

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Presentation folder of the French Pavilion

Presentation folder of the French Pavilion

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Interview with Jessica Préalpato, Ambassador at Expo 2020

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French expo team promote responsible tourism

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France reaffirms Expo 2020 commitment

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